Guess who’s back, again.

History was hosted on a low cost, “decent spec” hosting package from Midphase hosting and this worked fine until we actually wanted to do anything remotely interesting with it. The hosts would occassionally get cold feet and shut us down, while asking for more money. This is frustrating enough when the host will talk to you afterwards, let you address the program and start your account back up within a couple of days but has been down for months now and this was not the first time it happened.

Thankfully, the internet is a free market and we simply took our business elsewhere. It’s acceptable for a host to suspend an account if it exceeds a reasonable share of the host’s resources because it impacts on the service that everyone else receives too. It is not acceptable for a host to take the year’s fee in advance, shut you down when a heavy attack of spam causes your cpu usage to spike and then disappear when the customer wants to get his site, files and domain registration back. That’s not good customer service. Don’t use midphase.

Our new hosts are hopefully more serious about customer service and we’re trying them out for this year while keeping extremely regular backups of all our files just in case.  We’ve got some pretty big plans for this site, as well as this blog we’ve also got a wiki (the Bantionary of Legendary Things), a forum and a media gallery installed on the site and we hope to grow it further.  Ideally we will also provide archives of the now venerable SMR and AMPS sites from the days of (an excellent host) and content from

Should be very interesting.


As ever, getting a site established is a great deal of work and there’s a lot which hasn’t been done yet.  We’re pretty experienced but we’ve just not got the time we used to have so reasonable offers of help will be considered, particularly by people who want to publish content through us.  Anyone interested by that should spend some time exploring the site and checking out the content we currently have and seeing how it strikes you.  The Bantionary is open to everyone who wants to add to it, we’re not Wikipedia because it’s supposed to be fun.  Everyone in the group already should expect to help out, check with Amps in particular for that.  Why  I don’t honestly know, you’ll have to check with Starky for that too.