Boozelog XI – Luxor Weizen

This is the only example I’ve yet come across of an Arab or African brewery attempting a reasonably serious traditional European style of beer. Apparently it’s only been around for a few years.

Tasting notes from the neck:

‘A South German style of beer made from barley and wheat malt. A yeast that produces some spiciness and unique flavours of banana and cloves. The ‘Hefe’ prefix means “with yeast”, hence the beer’s unfiltered and cloudy appearance. Twist the bottle before serving and serve with a lemon wedge, which gives a flavorful snap.’

I skipped the lemon. 12g, 5% ABV.

I like wheat beer, I drink it whenever it’s available, in hot-ish weather especially, but still that’s not very often. My exposure to main brands, other than one-offs at home and in central Europe, has hitherto been limited to Erdinger, Franziskaner, Hoegaarden, Tucher and Weihenstephaner, all of which I think are great, especially Franziskaner.

Quite unlike other wheatbeers, Luxor pours easily even into a dry glass. The head disappears almost as quickly as with a lager and hardly leaves any lacing. It doesn’t look that much like other wheatbeer either, there’s obviously the opaqueness but it’s quite a deep browny colour for the style and has an orangey tinge to it. And it’s completely opaque: you can’t even see movement or shadows through it. The smell is very wheaty and citrusy. A bit of banana and maybe clove, per the tasting notes. Not very much spice though. Does it smell like apricot? Personally I think it smells like apricot.

It tastes great. Well-balanced sweetness and bitterness, yeast, citrus, and understandably wheat. Orange. A bit of banana. If it doesn’t smell like apricot, I definitely think it tastes like it. I reckon the yeast also balances perfectly with the fruity flavours. It’s a kind of middle ground between the (relative) mellowness of Erdinger and the hard-hitting Weihenstephaner. Only slighty fizzy, and a bit dry. The aftertaste basically gives you more of the same, with a definite clovey flavour. Overall, quality.

Luxor Weizen is the best beer yet. Try it. 9/10.

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  1. Well I have to say this was very informative and if I drank beer I am sure this is the one I would consider after reading this fantastic post. P.s I think it probably does smell like apricot. xxx

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