Boozelog XXI – Bolanachi ‘Highlands Whisky Black’

Same general idea as Highlands Red. The only visual differences are the name and the colour of the label. 24.50g, 40%.

Looks and smells similar to its sister spirit. The aroma is oaky: slightly milder then the Red, though, and it’s a bit paler in colour.

Goes down alright-ish maybe. Tolerable with just a bit of water, but probably better mixed. Better still, avoided altogether – just drink beer.

Slightly better than Highlands Red, but I’d still not drink it again. 4/10.

Boozelog XX – Beausoleil Red

The middle-cost wine from Egyptian International Beverages. I’ve had Shahrazad (or however you want to transliterate it) before, their cheapest line of wines, which was pretty good (review forthcoming). Beausoleil red is merlot-cabernet sauvignon. Same style of bottle as the eponymous white which I looked at in December. 65g, 12.5% ABV.

Healthy crimson colour, seems thicker than the other reds. Nose of red fruit.

Fairly tanniny but not too much so. Not particularly full-bodied. Red fruit. Not complicated. A bit sweet, maybe.

This is alright. Pretty unremarkable. Probably would drink again unless the price goes up dramatically. 6/10.