Gold Berg

This stuff’s brewed by al-Misriyya (they transcribe it as ‘al-Masria’ I think), which is the third major brewing company in Egypt that I now know of. Comes out of a nice green bottle with a bilingual gold label. 8.75g, 5% ABV.

Sort of giving myself away with the background here…

It’s quite cloudy and, for a lager, dark. Like an IPA with a slight fizz. It smells good.

It also tastes good. Definitely quite like an IPA, but not lemony like Deuchars. I think this is a really delicious drink. Hoppy but not too sweet or bitter, not citrusy, quite a pleasant strength of flavour. A little fizzy.

One of the best beers yet, if not maybe even the best. This is a great choice if you find yourself starved of ale in these parts because it really doesn’t taste that much like beer, i.e. lager, at all. Only things to put me off drinking it regularly are that the bottles aren’t returnable, Swissra which is the only place that stocks it is a bit out of the way compared with the other offies and it’s 3.25 more expensive than Luxor or Stella per bottle. Still an absolute winner though, 9/10.

Bolanachi ‘Oxford London Dry Gin’

Shit look at this –

From Drinkie’s. Comes in a similar bottle to the other Bolanachis. 18g, 40% ABV.

Smells rank, but then it’s cheap gin so I expected that. Doesn’t look great either, almost cloudy.

Consumed neat, it’s horrible. Not quite so horrible in a weak gin and tonic.

I would imagine it’s not a good idea to have any significant quantity of this in one go if the other Bolanachi drinks are anything to go by. Zibib, the Highlands whiskies, these give you terrible hangovers if you have more than a wee bit. Give it a go maybe, but don’t go nuts. 3/10.