ID Vodka

The standard vodka from al-Ahram. This is a half-litre bottle, but it also comes in litre bottles. 58g, 40% ABV.

Preparation is really important with vodka – make sure it’s been in the freezer for at least a few hours before serving. Don’t mix it or put ice or water in it.

Looks quite thick and creamy. Maybe a slight blue tint, but otherwise clear. Slight whiff of grain and maybe green herbs but otherwise no particular nose.

Texture on drinking is quite thick and viscous yet it still tastes fairly soft and smooth. Mouthfeel slightly grainy but very short-lived.

This is alright assuming you prepare it properly. Goes well with blue cheese, biscuits, olives, stuff like that. Probably would drink again. 6/10.

Heineken – updated

“New and improved” Heineken, same packaging. 330ml bottle is 8.50g, 5% ABV.

Nose of sweet wheat and a bit of white fruit.

Tastes hoppy and wheaty, mild. Mouthfeel wheaty, pleasantly bitter, hoppy, long-lasting. Almost zero carbonation.

Very different from other Heinekens. Quite good. 7/10.